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With a team of skilled designers, photographers and artists, we provide a wide range of design solutions. These include:

3D Animation, 2D Animation, Industrial Design, Character Design, UX Design, Photography, Wedding Stationery Design, Corporate Stationery Design, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Google Ad Words, SEO, Branding, Product Design, Photo editing, Beauty Retouching and Interior Design.

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What we've done, so far ...


Projects Completed

We deliver beautiful solutions that wow our users in every step of the design process. Whether it be UX Design, Industrial Design or even Animation, Our users are always satisfied with our dedication and passion, and are very pleased with the end result.

Overall Duration

We can fix, enhance or create digital experiences for our users. No matter how small or big the project, Flipswitch Studios will work endlessly to get the project done. We pride ourselves on always leaving our customers happy and will do so no matter the time frame.

Recurring Clients

At Flipswitch Studios, we do our utmost best to leave the client fully satisfied. We can proudly say that we have many clients that come back multiple times due to their first few experiences with us. We hope that you will be one of them!

Industrial Design & Branding

3D / Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Corporate Identity


3D & 2D Animation, Character Design, Character Modeling


Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, Personalized Branding, Styled Stock Photography, Modeling Photography, Family Photography, Corporate Event Photography

Website Design

Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, Website Customization & Maintenance

UX Design

Website Improvement, Website Design, User Interviews, Concept Creation, Market Research

Social Media Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Business, Google Plus, LinkedIn

Pricing per Category

We provide hours of design at affordable pricing according to the clients time frame, while capturing all the elements of the brief given to us.

  • Industrial Design & Branding

  • R250
    / hour
  • Product Design & Presentation

    Digital Design

    Print Design

  • Animation

  • R300 (2D) - 500 (3D)
    / hour
  • Character Creation

    Character Modeling

    Character Rigging & Animation

  • Photography

  • R1500
    / hour
  • Wedding Photography

    Portrait Photography

    Lifestyle Photography

  • Website Design

  • R200
    / hour
  • Website Design

    Website Improvement

    Website Customization & Maintenance

  • UX Design

  • R500
    / hour
  • Defining the ideal users and their preferences

    Creating an initial product strategy

    Creating and testing early prototypes & gathering feedback

  • Social Media Marketing

  • R280
    / hour
  • Ad Campaigns

    Daily Social Media Designs

    Manage Social Media

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